Volume 6 Issue 2

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Equilibrium evaluation of the Reynolds anisotropy tensor models in the compressible homogeneous sheared turbulence

Mohamed Riahi, Marwa Dhaoui and Taieb Lili

Abstract: In this work, we are interested in the modeling of homogeneous compressible turbulence sheared using rapid distortion theory (RDT). This theory widely demonstrated its relevance and its utility to develop models of turbulence and increase our comprehension of physical phenomena related to turbulent flows. RDT is used to examine linearity of compressible flows in absence of inertial effects. We will use this approach to evaluate equilibrium states (for high values of non-dimensional times St) of the Stefan’s models concerning components b11, b12 and b22 of the Reynolds anisotropy tensor. This evaluation is carried out in the compressible and pressure-released regimes where RDT is validated. A concordance between results given by RDT and models is obtained, except for b12 term and this in the compressible regime.

Keywords: Numerical simulation, turbulence, homogeneous, compressible, rapid distortion theory (RDT).


Equilibrium evaluation of pressure-strain correlation models for compressible homogeneous sheared turbulence

Marwa Dhaoui, Mohamed Riahi, Taieb Lili and Brahim Ben Beya

Abstract: Rapid distortion theory (RDT) is an important tool for modeling turbulent flows. This theory is an analysis of linear stability allowing us to predict behavior of turbulent field in presence of mean strain and in the absence of inertial effects. The aim of this paper is to simulate homogeneous compressible sheared turbulence using RDT. Numerical simulations are carried out with an RDT validated code resolving unsteady linearized equations governing double correlations spectra evolution. These simulations will be sufficient to be used for evaluation of equilibrium states of the compressible models of Fujiwara et al. and Huang et al. concerning pressure-strain correlation. A certain concordance between RDT and models results is observed.

Keywords: Numerical simulation, turbulence, homogeneous, compressible, rapid distortion theory (RDT).


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